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RYA First Aid Course

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STCW Basic Training Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

STCW Reg VI/1 Sect A-VI/1 para 2.1.2

Approved by the UK's MCA and meeting MNTB guidelines this is a 2 day course, normally undertaken as part of the full Basic Safety Training however it can be taken as a stand alone module. It is a mixture of classroom and live fire scenarios:

STCW Basic Training [live fire element]


For a number of cruise lines that are approved to deliver the STCW Basic Training on board or at their own facilities, we have assisted by providing the essential live fire element of the course during their calls at St Johns or Falmouth

Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

STCW Reg VI/1 [para 1] Sec A-VI/1 [para 3 and 4.2]

As required by the IMO Manila amendments this is a 1 day course and is required every 5 years



Cruise line - live fire team training

We have successfully ran a number of 1 day live fire training exercises for cruise lines their fire teams. These can be run by Ondeck or facilitated with equipment and safety staff with the customer running scenarios that meet their specific objectives. We arrange all transportation from and back to the Cruise dock.

General fire and galley training


We recognise that people who work in areas where fire is a potential danger, such as kitchens and galleys on board vessels or in restaurants, as well as general hotel and building areas rarely get to experience a live fire. Yet experience and familiarity is essential in an emergency situation so with that in mind we have designed a half day course to meet to include the following scenarios


Scenario 1
Demonstration by fireman/instructor on what happens when introducing water to hot oil


Scenario 2
Demonstration of correct use of a fire blanket to extinguish a pan fire. under close supervision each of the students will then use the fire blanket to extinguish the fire.


Scenario 3
Demonstration by the fireman/instructor on what happens when a frozen food item is added to hot oil (the oil is too deep in the frying pan)


Scenario 4
Demonstration on correct use of a fire blanket to extinguish a fire on a victim. fireman to demonstrate from head down on victim (Dummy)

Scenario 5 Usage of different types of fire extinguisher [Foam, water, powder, CO2] on different types of fire … fuel , electrical, carbonaceous

RYA First Aid CourseLive Fire Course


RYA First Aid CourseRYA First Aid Course




RYA First Aid Course


RYA First Aid Course




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