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The Boatmaster qualifications are increasingly becoming the standard for those wanting to work on small commercial vessels in the Caribbean. These are known as SCV's and are typically less than 24m in length. The IMO [International Maritime Organisation] developed a set of recommendations some years ago for training of captains in the Caribbean. This is now accepted by all Caribbean states and USVIs we believe. We are finding that many countries will now accept the Antiguan Boatmaster as a certificate of competency.


In Antigua & Barbuda certification is governed by ADOMS [Antigua Barbuda Department of Marine Services]


A circular concerning these ADOMS requirements can be found at:



A copy of the original IMO recommendations can be downloaded here


After or before completion of the necessary courses you will need to have a valid medical certificate from an approved doctor. Approved doctors in Antigua & Barbuda are:


Dr Rashida Williams. Tel: +1 (268) 764-3042


Dr Fuller. Tel: +1 (268) 462-0931

There are 3 levels of Boatmaster and the level you go for will depend partly on your experience but also the waters you plan to operate the vessel


Boatmaster 1

Candidates must be at least 21 years old and have 12 months service on SCV's and allows passages up to 20 mile off shore or more with approval and proof of passages.


Boatmaster 2

Must be at least 20 years of age and have evidence of at least 6 months service on SVC's including time on a vessel similar to the one that they will be operating on. Limit of usage is 3 miles offshore


Boatmaster 3

Must be at least 18 years old and have 3 months service on a vessel similar to the one they intend to serve on. Limit of usage is 3 miles offshore


There are a number of courses that will be necessary for anyone seeking an examination directly with ADOMS.

1. Boatmaster Theory for Boatmaster 1 and 2

This covers all the aspects required by the code. The course is not mandatory but it is highly recommended and will mean that examination candidates do not have to be tested on all of the theory by ADOMS. It will be around 35 hours of classroom based training with a multiple choice exam at the end.

A certificate with photo ID will be provided on successful completion.

2. Boatmaster Practical Exam Preparation

This preparation course aims to prepare and work on practical elements of the syllabus that may be covered in the examination. Specifically practical navigation, safety and man overboard procedures, and general boat handling.


The preparation would be a minimum of 2 days and up to 5 days depending on needs.
It will be tailored to the needs of the specific individuals and for that reason we would be looking to take a maximum of 5 candidates over a 2 day period.


This would generally be 'own boat' training and be the same vessel you would be examined on . This course is not mandatory nor do we certificate, it simply aims to improve on key areas for the examination with the marine services department.



3. Boatmaster 3


This is a 2 day course with a mixture of practical and theoretical content usually conducted on your own vessel


Other required courses :


SRC Radio [If used on board or as required by ADOMS]

Full STCW 10 Basic Safety Training required for Boatmaster 1 and 2
PST Sea survival
First Aid
Fire Prevention and Fighting

Partial STCW for Boatmaster 3
PST Sea survival
First Aid


The examination can then be arranged directly with ADOMS. Call + 1 268 4621273 The cost for this is US $100.00



5 Days Theory BM 1 & 2

2 Days Practical BM 1 & 2

2 Days Total for BM 3

No. Students to Instructor:


Typicaly 5:1

Min 3

Previous Experience:

12 months BM1

6 months BM2

3 months BM2
Minimum Age:




Antigua (and other islands)

Dates: This course is run all year round


We have successfully undertaken the training in other islands such as Dominica and Anguilla . Click on the video to see Captains training in Dominica




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