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The Farr 65

Our Farr 65s is an impressive, high performance race yacht, unique in that it was designed by Farr Yacht Design * to be de-tuned versions of the world famous Whitbread 60. These superb modern ocean racing yachts were designed and built at a cost of US$1 million each. The design brief was to produce a high performance racing yacht in which amateurs could safely sail around the world. Although they have the performance of a Grand Prix yacht, they are extremely user friendly for even the most novice of crews.


The Farr 65 is a beautiful yacht, large with elegant lines and a broad open cockpit. It is an ideal vessel to run bespoke hospitality, team development and racing programs. Depending on the programme the yacht can take up to 18 guests. Designed for high performance sailing, it offers easy and safe handling for the amateur but are racy enough to satisfy keen sailors. There is ample space for entertaining, whilst at the same time experiencing at the excitement and 'hands-on' thrill of crewing an ocean racer.


UK Industry Regattas 2008/9 Season with Ondeck Sailing


Yacht specification and features:

Length 65ft (19.74m) and draft 10ft (3.05m)
Sleeps 12 guests
MCA category 0 rating (the highest safety rating possible)
The yacht provides a modern open cockpit with ample space for all crew
High specification design for safe & fast sailing
Built for racing with practical interior
Loos, showers, fridges & freezers
Twin wheel helm
Hydraulic Backstay and Vang
Dacron Training and D4II Vectran Laminate Racing Sails
3 different weight spinnakers
Coffee grinder operates primary winches



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