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Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2016

The Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta is one of the great sporting events in the Caribbean calendar and is a wonderful spectacle for everyone no matter what your knowledge of sailing.

60+  yachts ranging from traditionally built sloops to 200 ft modern classics its a great experience.


Ondeck allows you to get up close with its Chase the Race trips on board its own modern yachts. We get up close [not too close] to the action and you can take part in all aspects of sailing the yacht so you really feel part of the event. You can book an individual place or a whole yacht privately and afterwards enjoy a rum punch at the yacht club and be part of the wonderful atmosphere 


See our gallery for some pictures of last years event 



Antigua Classics Yacht Regatta 2015 Gallery:




What is a Classic ?


Most of us in the yachting scene know a genuine Classic when we see one. She was built years ago when all yachts were things of beauty and grace with fine lines and acres of canvas. The survivors of that golden era are unmistakably classic. But what about other classics?

We've all seen fine examples of the craftsmanship of yesteryear carried on in modern vessels like Braveheart, Wild Horses, White Wings, Alejandra, Windrose, Victoria of Strathearn, and Savanna. All have the fine lines of a classic but are built and rigged using modern techniques and materials.


We also must include as classics the wonderful traditional workboats of the past that are now sailing the seas as yachts.


You can visit the official event website by clicking here



As with ALL Ondeck's events - No experience is necessary




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